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Preview: Pokhara XI v SJ Dhanmondi

pkr tu6 16 November, 2011

First encounter

THIS is the first match between the Bangladeshi side and the Pokhara XI.

Third International encounter

Pokhara XI will be playing the third international encounter in this tournament. They played and won against clubs from Thimpu and Sikkim.

2057 Budha Subba Gold Cup winners

SJ Dhanmondi won match against RCT in a very intense battle through shootouts. SJ Dhanmondi have a great resume' in Nepal. They won the Budha Subba Gold Cup ten years ago when they visited Nepal.

Motivated A Division players

A Division players in Pokhara XI are motivated after winning two very different matches with international clubs. They won their second match very convincingly against Utd Sikkim with score line of 3-1. 


This will be the test for the home side but Pokhareli supporters may snatch the third win and a place in the final. Home team may win the match with a narrow margin of a goal.

Ram Gurung, Analyst of Nepalifootball

Images: Umesh Pun