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Preview: Pokhara XI Vs United Sikkim FC


pkr tu215 November, 2011

Previous Results

There are no any previous competitve encounter between the clubs.

Indian 2nd divison club Vs Assembled squad of Pokhara

Pokhara XI are a squad assembled together just for the competition. But their performance in earlier match suggest they have decent enough squad and are ready to take on the Indian 2nd divison outfit United Sikkim FC. On the other hand United Sikkim are also recently formed club and fighting to reach the top tier in their country. Their star talisman Bhaichung Bhutia would not be able to make it to Pokhara but they have strong enough squad to make the match worth watching. Renedy Singh is a veteran Indian international while N. S. Manju is also Indian international player.

Pokhara XI boosted by home supporters

Pokhara XI would definitely be supported by the fans from Pokhara against the international opponent from India. Pokhara XI players need to use the encouragement and support from the fans to boost their morale which is very essential to win the match. Pokhara XI would be backed by almost every supporter attending the match. Only time can tell if this home advantage works in the favor of Pokhara XI or not.

Score Prediction

The match between the home team and visiting Indian team would again be a tight encounter. It is very difficult to predict the final outcome as it is knock out tournament one team has to lose the match at the end of the day. But despite playing against home supporters and away from its country United Sikkim FC will edge out Pokhara XI. predicts United Sikkim FC to win the match 1-0.