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Ncell Youth U - 15 Championship 2069 to begin from 10 April 2013

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5 April 2013

By Birat Rai (

Ncell Youth U – 15 Championship 2069 to being from 28th Chaitra to 3rd Baishak at Janakpur

The Championship that is slaated to begin from 28th Chaitra comprises of five regional teams and one departmental team. The five regional teams comprises of the plyers that were selected from the forty-two district level competition from five developmental regions. APF’s U – 14 will be the only departmental team to take participation in the tournament.

The game will be held at the stadium of Janakpur Cigaratte Factory with Dhanusha District Football organising it. This Championship is to select the players of that age category for the up-coming 2nd SAAF U – 16 Championship and AFC Youth U – 16 Championship 2014 Qualifiers.

The winner of this first ever U – 15 Championship will be awarded cash prize of Rs 1,00,000 whilst the runner-up will get cash prize of Rs 50,000. Along with the team prize individual prizes to the distinct players in Forward, Midfield, Defender, Goalkeeper and Coach will also be awarded.

Group A Group B
1 Eastern Region U - 15 Team 1 Mid Region U 15 Team
2 Mid Western Regions U - 15 Team 2 Western Region U 15 Team
3 Armed Police Force U - 15 Team 3 Far Western Region U 15 Team