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Ncell Player of The Year 2069

All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has said it will confer 'Ncell Football Player of the Year Award' to a best player. The award winning footballer will get a car along with the tile, the association in a press conference organised in capital on Friday. However, it is yet to decide the brand of car to be given to the player.

ANFA also said that the award winning player will be declared through the voting system with 60 percent public votes while 20 percent each votes will be collected from the coaches and sports journalists.

Ncell Voting

The voting is available only with Ncell SIM card that will start from March 11 to April 9, informed ANFA. The Ncell SIM users need to send SMS to 2069 with the player's code.

The 23-member quad of the national team is nominated for the award: 


Kiran Chemjong - SMS Code KIRC

Ritesh Thapa - SMS Code RITT

Bikah Kuthu - SMS Code BIKK


Rohit Chand - SMS Code ROHC

Sagar Thapa - SMS Code SAGT

Sandip Rai - SMS Code SANR

Bijaya Dhimal - SMS Code BIJD

Jitendra Karki - SMS Code JITK

Rabin Shrestha - SMS Code RABS

Biraj Maharjan - SMS Code BIRM


Bhola Silwal - SMS Code BHOS

Bijaya Gurung - SMS Code BIJG

Bikram Lama - SMS Code BIKL

Jagjeet Shrestha - SMS Code JAGS

Nirajan Khadka - SMS Code NIRK

Rajendra Rawal - SMS Code RAJR

Raju Tamang  - SMS Code RAJT


Chetan Ghimire - SMS Code CHEG

Anil Gurung - SMS Code ANIG

Jumanu Rai - SMS Code JUMR

Bharat Khawas - SMS Code BHAK

Amar Dongol - SMS Code AMAD

Santosh Sahukhala - SMS Code SANS