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NCell Cup 2069: Anil Gurung's brilliance hands title to MMC as they destroy RCT 6-1 in the final

ncell cup 2069 finalThe final of the NCell Cup 2069 looked like a contesting tie between two teams who has won plenty of title in the past. RCT who were one of the strong team in the country in the past but were without titles for quite sometime. MMC who were also winning title but found it hard as NPC were the dominant team. Both the teams needed to win the title as they want to prove their title credintials to their supporters. But at the end it didn't proved to be like a final as MMC completely destroyed RCT as they won the one-sided contest 6-1.

MMC took control of the match early on in the final of NCell Cup 2069 as Anil Gurung latched on to superb cross from his team mate in the 7th minute. RCT defense were caught off-guarded as Anil was the only player reacting to the cross. Mbile Stephan made it 2-0 for MMC in no time as he added MMC's second goal in 9th minute. Again this time RCT defense were non reactive to the cross ball played to him. Anil added his second in the 17th minute of the match as MMC strolled to 3-0 scoreline. Anil completed his hattrick in the 28th minute of the match as his lucky cross managed to get past RCT goalie Dilip Chettri. RCT were being absolutely hammered and were punished for their sloppy defense. Olawale Afeez pulled one back for RCT in the injury time added in the first half. MMC were 4-1 up against RCT in the first half.

The late goal in the first half and team talk during half time looked to have stirred some much needed motivation in the second half for the RCT. RCT played with more purpose in the second half than they showed in the first half. But MMC too were in momentum as they had already done enough to take the match home in their fold. Anil Gurung added one more to his team in the 82nd minute while Sabindra Shrestha added further one more in the 88th minute of the match to make matter worse for RCT. MMC won the match with 6-1 in what proved to be a one-sided contest against RCT.