Two Decade Was Enough Chance To Perform for ANFA Boss


Shabda Shrestha
Football Anallyst

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Everywhere there is question why Nepalese football could not improve till date, despite huge support of Nepalese fans and media. We were always blaming players for bad result but never realized how rough time they were going through. Recent article by one of the football expert Biplav Gautam clearly illustrated problem faced by everyone, as well as from individual player to clubs.

Everyone thought Ganesh Thapa was doing great but what's the tool of measurement? If results are the tools to measure the success than we have completely fail in last two decade. The recent report on the Sunday times, it clearly says that the huge transaction of $1,15,000 received from Hammam by Mr Thapa , which has already been agreed by him and he was expected to receive $800000 too, which has no further detail.

We can clearly see, he was fooling around every Nepalese fan .He was pretending to be the developer of the football but he was just using ANFA to earn the money. The interesting fact is that if he had received the money for business purpose than he would have surely talked about it in press conference, the press meets which was organized by Mr Thapa after he came back from Brazil.
The height of cunningness is the example of Ganesh Thapa, when every his corruptions were exposed to the people he always send national team to play friendly matches in international to divert the attention , this time he is sending U-16 and national team to play in Europe and Indonesia.

Recently former coach and national player Krishna Thapa has announced his decision to resign as ANFA technical director. He said there was no moral ground of working with Mr. Ganesh Thapa who was running his own private business under ANFA.
Ganesh Thapa was running private organization, which sound more authentic when Krishna Thapa said in the press conference that he has been working as ANFA technical director without any contract paper and just 80$ for a month which was suppose to be $1500.These are the few example of loop holes where ANFA president financially plays and earns for his never seen private business, which he promise to tell the press when time comes.

Even scientifically, 2 decade of single leader will have nothing give to the organization, its long time, which is the reason Nepalese football is no where now. We don't have one fix calendar, it's like the roster of highly casual worker and we are always blaming clubs and players.

There are still lots of people who think no one can run ANFA like Ganesh Thapa, But there is famous saying, even if king dies thrown are never empty. Furthermore, good leader give birth to another good leader but he never try making another leader rather he was just made follower and earning money for himself. It's even good time for Mr Thapa to resign and gain some respect from the entire football fan.

All well wisher of Nepalese football,Two decade is enough chance  for any individual to perform and  we should not forget the report published by the Sunday time is not the article written using Google search .It's the fact, so even now if we don't open our eye, we need to wait more 100 years just to win SAFF.