Interview with Arjun Rizal, the striker to watch out in Australian basd Yeti FC

Exclusive interview with Arjun rizal arjun rizal yeti fc

28 May 2013 Arjun Rizal comes from eastern part of Nepal, Charali, Jhapa. This part of region has seen many Nepali national players emerge. Hari Khadka, Surendra Tamang, Raju Shakya and many others started their careers in this part of region. He started playing football at the age of 10 as an center forward. Even though not an ANFA product he had dazzled the Nepalese football scenario from his tender age. He left Nepal to seek his educational career in Australia, but his love affair of the game has never ceased hence. He now plays for Melbourne based Yeti FC and with National Team head Jack Stefanowiski heading towards Australia, this 26 year old, can probably emerge as the solution to the goal scoring saviour of the national set-up. Here is a quick interview with him via facebook.


Ans: Charali jhapa, 10 yrs old, striker forward.

2)Which clubs have you played for inside Nepal?

Ans: Machindra FC and Nepal police club from 2059 to 2064 for five years. I started my professional from the age of 16.

3)Have you represented Nepal?

Ans: Yes under 19 and under 23.

4) How long have you been in Australia?

Ans: 5 yrs.

5)How long have you been associated with Yeti FC? Are there any professional terms agreed with the club?

Ans: 5yrs.No, professional terms have been agreed.

6)Have you been associated with other clubs beside Yeti FC in Australia?

Ans: Yes, with Avondale heights second division club. 2009 and 2010.

7)What is playing like in Australian soil?

Ans: Not bad but miss my country’s league. 

8)Is the Australian football any good in comparison to Nepalese League?

Ans: Yes of course it’s pretty good.

9)Are you excited about Nepalese Head Coach Jack & Richard coming to Australia to scout for the Australian based players?

Ans: Yes very excited.

10)What do you think about the current scenario of Nepalese football, considering players have now started to earn better with good chance to have a great career as active players and after retirement?

Ans: It is good to see Nepalese football is getting professional. May be now players can have a secured future after his playing career is over.

11)Can Australian based Nepalese footballers take Nepali national team to the next level to at least dominate the South Asian Region in near future?

Ans: May be. But need to train hard to achieve that.

12)If given a chance would you happily accept the chance to represent Nepal?

Ans:  Of course yes. That would be the happiest moment to get chance to represent my country once again.

13)Do you see yourself as a professional footballer or just a part-time footballer in the near future?

Ans: Yes, I want to play as an professional footballer as long as I don't retire from the game.