A Division Super League 2069: Friends Club out of title race as they play a scoreless draw with Macchindra

macchindra vs friends - 4

21 March 2013

By Birat Rai (nepalifootball.com)

Friends Club out of title race as they play a drab scoreless draw with strugglers Macchindra FC.

A Division League great performers are continually having its form fading away that is keeping them distant from the title challenge. The draw between Friends and Macchindra has not only set back Macchindra FC but Friends are now out of ANFA A Division of 2069.

In a rain soaked pitch both team couldn’t find their feet in the game. Due to the rain in the afternoon the tempo of the game never went as usual. Both team lost too many possession in the midfield and the few chances they created were never enough for any sides to score the goal.


Both half of the game was all about losing the ball in the centre of the field. A few handful of chances were on hand for both sides, but the drab goalless draw was reflected how the game was played in the end.

Macchindra Coach Raju Kaji Shakya:

“We had some opportunity to score goals but the passes in the final third was not sharp as always. We performed well today considering previous games. We kept the opposition players at bay for large amount of time that’s why we kept a clean sheet. With this draw our chances of second seems to be losing.”

Friends Club Coach Megh Raj K.C:

“The pitch condition due to a sudden downpour made the game playing uneasy for both the teams. Both of the teams had chances to score but missed them. Realistically, every club is out of title challenge and everyone is vying for the second spot. This draw is not good for either club.”

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